Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 4th of July's that gunpowder smell that mixes with the Nebraska humidity so perfectly that has become the identity of this holiday over the years. It's the lighting of the parachutes and chasing them through the sky with one goal in mind -- catch it before it hits the pavement. Happy 4th of July.

Growing up: Every year as kids we'd go to the fireworks stand. The stand that, for the only time of the year, could rival McDonald's in the way that you'd see one every three blocks. You could always distinguish the 'fireworks brand' by the red and white tarp that covered those little magical explosives. Mom and Dad would always give us an allowance ($20 or so) to spend. Perhaps that's why I'm so intrigued with shopping for the best deals and values.

Side note: I hate the term "bang for your buck" -- ick for so many reasons.

Present day: Our parents are in Minnesota on a family vacation...we (my two brothers) are too broke to pay our way so we're celebrating the 4th of July--just the three of us--for the first time in Gregg history. Not much has really changed over the years. I found myself under the big top of the red and white fireworks tent once again this year. "Hello old friend." I filled my basket with what I deem quality fireworks at .25, .50, .75, and the occasional $4.99 firework. Every year the basket fills with fireworks and overflows with anticipation. Year to year the fireworks change, not my much mind you, but the marketers and advertisers are getting very clever with art on the packaging and the way they name them. Bravo for catching up with the rest of the industry!

This year was similar to a large handful of years past, my firework allowance was only limited to what was on my debit card. And this year I also found one firework that holds the highest expectations in my mind. It's a bright yellow Black Cat firework titled 1.21 Gigawatts perhaps it will live up to the hype that my mind has already created for it. Perhaps it will be just the thing to fuel my 4th of July dreams. Perhaps it will send me "Back to the Future" with the fervor that I once had as a child.

Happy 4th. Thanks for reading. Here's to dreaming!

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