Friday, June 25, 2010

Reach and Frequency

Reach and Frequency. Welcome back to Advertising 101. For many of us this was the first lesson from a large handful of years back. "How many people does your message reach and how many times do they see it?"

Advertising is constantly evolving and it's exciting to evolve with it. New social media applications, the thought of the :30 spot dying (along with us attending the funeral), advertising starting to become more of an experiential vehicle for a message (Thanks to YouTube), and a newer marketing mix that values brand authenticity and transparency like never before.

Reach and Frequency. Does you message really, truly, honestly reach someone? Or is it the black sheep of the advertising profession known as an 'impression'. We all learned a great deal back in college, whilst in pursuit of our degrees...but the one thing they can never teach is passion for the work. That's where the best part of the job can truly be found. The passion. Working with others who care about creating a brand and crafting a message that's beyond the client's expectations. Now that's advertising at it's purest.

Before client briefs, before spec sheets, before creative kickoffs...there was Reach and Frequency. After that, we soon discovered that you either have the passion for the industry or you don't.

Class dismissed. I hope to see you again tomorrow.

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