Sunday, August 8, 2010

Domino's Advertising -- What they're doing right

Full Disclosure: I would be happy if pizza, of almost any kind, was fed to me intravenously through IV tubes.

That said...

I have to give my imaginary and most prestigious advertising award--for the Business to Consumer Pizza Category--to Domino's. This award would probably be named the "Golden Crust Award"'s glorious and I can picture it now.

So without further adieu, let's talk about what Domino's is doing RIGHT with their advertising.

OVERVIEW - I'm not certain if the objective of their creative brief was to gain market share in the fiercely competitive pizza business or if it was simply to increase top-of-mind awareness to the point where it's acceptable for consumers to think of Domino's, and not feel guilty or ashamed, when they pick up their cell-phones to order their gooey, cheesy pizza smothered in the toppings of their choice.

Either way, they're winning. Let's face it, Domino's was only acceptable to order when you were in college, but it's not that way anymore. In my opinion they've had three successful campaigns that have been different than anything else their competitors are doing. And as an AdMan, I like different that works.

FIRST - Domino's started the turnaround with the "You got 30 minutes" promise. A simple promise that they are faster than their competitors. What was previously thought to be impossible, delivering a pizza within 30 minutes, was now something that only Domino's could deliver on, pun intended.

SECOND - Domino's addressed the flavor of their product. They held focus groups where people slammed their product time and time again. What was even scarier than the comments they received was the fact that Domino's then used those focus groups as part of their ad campaign.

Domino's acknowledged their product had to change if they wanted to sell more of it and they did what any smart B2C company should do, they listened to their customers. Domino's won over their harshest critics AND in an industry where transparency and authenticity is en vogue they aired the ad campaign on TV. See the Pizza Turnaround for yourself.

THIRD - Domino's has taken the next step in innovative TV advertising. In recent spots they briefly talk about the process of what goes into a food photo shoot. They tell their customers that they're not going to show a fake pizza that's been doctored by professionals. Then, Domino's challenges their customers to take pictures of the pizzas they have delivered to them and upload them to the Domino's website!

Nice. You won't see this kind of invitation or innovation for that matter from any of their fellow dough slinging counterparts anytime soon.

FINAL THOUGHTS - Lastly, here are two Domino's videos that I just loved. One highlights their other product offerings and the other is a spoof of their recent ads that I can't believe hasn't gone viral yet. I laugh every time.

To the ad team behind Domino's brilliance, keep up the good work and enjoy the imaginary and most prestigious award that I have presented to you. You guys have certainly earned it.

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